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  • Detection range: 12 metres
  • Detection angle: 85.9 degrees
  • Mounting height: Between 180 and 240 centimetres
  • Suitable for pets up to 30KG
  • Battery life: 6 years
  • Wireless range from the Hub: 800 metres
  • Dimensions: 12,05cm x 7,22cm x 5,67cm
  • Weight: 210 grams

Hikvision PIR camera detector

Hikvision PIR camera detector is intended for indoor installation in locations such as living rooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms or for use in office buildings.

The PIR camera detector has the model number DS-PDPC12P-EG2-WE and is a fully secured wireless two-way detector with motion detection, built-in high quality camera for video verification, sabotage protection, low battery monitoring and connection control. It can operate for up to 6 years from a built-in battery. It ignores animals while recognizing humans from the first step.

Detection range of the DS-PDPC12P-EG2-WE

The Hikvision PIR camera detector can monitor an area of 12 metres from the sensor for movement at an angle of 85.9 degrees. If you place the detector in the corner of a room, the entire room will be secured.

The sensor divides the area into 52 zones and triggers an alarm if one or more zones detect movement. This sensitivity is adjustable via the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone. There are a total of 3 settings, high sensitivity, normal and animal friendly. The latter must be selected if cats or dogs are present in the area to be protected. Pets up to 30KG are not detected in this mode.

Range from the Hikvision Hub

The range from the Hub to the Hikvision PIR camera detector DS-PDPC12P-EG2-WE is 800 meters in open field. The connection is continuously monitored by the Hikvision Cloud. If the wireless signal is intentionally disturbed it will be immediately reported via the Hik-Connect app on your smartphone. The wireless Hikvision signal is called Tri-X, and operates on 2 different frequencies in the 868mhz band and has AES-128 encryption.

Installation height

The ideal height for mounting the PIR camera detector is between 1.80 metres and 2.40 metres. If you have pets, we recommend a height of at least 2 metres. At this height a dog of maximum 30 kilograms can walk around freely without triggering the alarm. If you mount the PIR lower than the recommended height, it will react more quickly to pets and also reduces the detection distance of 15 metres. Of course all installation supplies are included.

Login and assembly

Ale Hikvision products are easy to connect. Logging in is done with a QR code on each device. Put the Hik-Connect app in the “Enroll” position and you can start adding products by scanning the QR code in the app.

Mount the detector on a wall without disassembling it. Make sure there are no vases, cabinets or glass objects blocking the angle of view. And you’re done. Don’t forget that the ideal location for this PIR camera detector is in the corners of your home. Because of its detection angle, it can secure an entire room at this location.

Settings of the Hikvision PIR camera detector

In addition to setting the sensitivity, you can make a number of other adjustments. For example, you can choose to use the detector as a bell function. As soon as someone walks into the room you will hear a bell on your phone. This doorbell function seems more like something for shopkeepers or to use at a door contact, so you will be informed when someone comes to your home, for example the children coming from school.

In addition, you can indicate when the detector should detect. Only if you switch on the alarm system, or for example permanently if you mount it in a room that needs to be permanently monitored, such as a safe room.

Battery powered

The detector, like all Hikvision products of the AX Pro alarm system, runs on batteries of type CR123A and is therefore completely wireless. There are 3 pieces CR123A batteries in the wireless PIR camera detector. So they can easily be placed anywhere without having to lay cables. The lifespan of the standard supplied batteries is 6 years with normal use. After this time they can easily be replaced for new ones for a few euros. These batteries are always available from stock. How to replace the batteries can be found in the manual of the PIR camera detector DS-PDPC12P-EG2-WE.

The internal PIR works in temperatures between -10 and +55 degrees Celsius. Outside these values the detection quality can decrease. The dimensions are 120,5mm x 72,2mm x 56,7mm and the weight is 210 grams.