HIKVISION Wireless Outdoor Siren - DS-PS1-E-WE

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Wireless external siren

The DS-PS1-E-WE external siren uses 4 x CR123A batteries and has a minimum 3-year service life. This has been tested for a siren duration of 90 seconds every 2 weeks. We hope and expect that if this siren is installed at your residence, it will not sound every 2 weeks, therefore the actual battery life will be considerably longer. Of course you can always check the battery status in the Hik-Connect application.

Security of the siren

In addition, the connection between the external siren and the Hikvision Hub is constantly monitored. If for any reason the signal is lost, you will be notified immediately. Of course, the external siren also has a tamper protection, which ensures that the siren will sound if it is knocked off the wall, for example. Again, you are always directly informed via the app.

External siren can be mounted anywhere

Hikvision External Siren has an IP65 rating in terms of water resistance. So it is no problem to mount it anywhere, heavy rain or full sunshine, no problem at all. The temperature in which the siren can operate is between -20 and +60 degrees. The dimensions are 19 x 20 x 4,7 centimetres and the weight is 607 grams.