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  • Ultra-light: Weighing just 73 grams, the GM31 is perfect for competitive play, allowing gamers to effortlessly move and aim with agility and accuracy.
  • A PixArt PAW-3311 optical sensor provides up to 12,000 DPI that delivers extremely precise tracking.
  • Ergonomic Design. Stay in control with a form fit for any hand shape with soft, durable rubber side grips.
  • Enjoy playtime for up to 110 continuous hours on a single charge. Easily charge or station your mouse with the included charging dock. Recharge the battery for up to 7 hours of gameplay with a 10 minute charge.
  • Enjoy high stability and 10x faster wireless connection than typical wireless mice currently on the market. Built with cutting-edge 2.4G RF wireless technology, latency is reduced to just 1ms.