Whats new in Windows 8.1 PRO Update

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More opportunity. More possibilities.
More Windows.

Windows 8.1 Pro Update is here. The new Windows now delivers more of what your customers need, which means more opportunities for you. Now is the time to break through with customers and help them understand why Windows 8 Pro is the best OS choice for business.

  1. Windows 8 Pro offers all the capabilities of Windows 7 plus more value
    2. Windows 8 Pro is the right choice for desktop and non-touch device users
    3. The new update helps our customers transition to the modern platform easily
    4. Microsoft is committed to the modern Windows platform

The new Windows offers an array of affordable device choices, while helping to keep your customers' business secure and giving them the capability to access their business data from anywhere.

  1. Download new Windows 8.1 Pro Update assets through the link
    2. Internalize the customer pitch deck for Windows 8.1 Pro Update
    3. Leverage the assets to knock down any misconceptions customers have about Windows 8 Pro
    4. Attend the Resellers Bootcamps to learn more how to sell the New Windows

The best Windows desktop ever created

Your customers can skip the learning curve and get straight to work by booting directly to their familiar, fast, and fluid desktop they know and trust. Find, save, and share files instantly.

• More predictable desktop experience
• Improved mouse and keyboard control
• Taskbar allows them to seamlessly switch between modern
   and desktop apps

Work from wherever, whenever

Your customers can be more productive with immediate access to their docs, contacts, apps, and essential tools like Office, SharePoint, and OneDrive across all their devices.

• Communicate in real-time with Lync
• Their apps and data always with them
• All the apps for the way they work

The widest range of devices available

Your customers can stay on budget, go mobile, and find the power they need – all within an impressive array of unique-to-Windows devices. Finding a device to fit their business and their budget has never been easier.

• Better performance and battery life
• Enhanced security hardware
• One platform for all their devices means
   there's less to learn

Built-in, business-grade security

Help your customers invest in growing their business – instead of costly security add-ons – with built-in security features like BitLocker, Trusted Boot, Windows Defender, and out-of-the-box malware protection and data privacy.

• Improved fingerprint login
• Remote business data removal
• Backup to OneDrive

Now's the perfect time to talk to your customers about how the
Windows 8.1 Pro Update delivers more of what their business needs.


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