Cooler Master LED Tube Sleeve A1-12mm

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Product Number MFX-ATHN-10NNN-R1, MFX-ATHN-12NNN-R1
Diameter 10mm, 12mm
Quantity 2 pcs
Color White
Material Rubber
Length 330mm / 13 inch
Weight 57g / 0.13 lbs, 67g / 0.15 lbs
LED Quantity 30 pcs
Connector 3-Pin ARGB
Rated Voltage 5 VDC
Rated Current 0.45A
Power Consumption 2.25W
Cooler Type RGB Accessories


Includes 3 Addressable RGB connector clips to ensure a secure connection


Sizing availability with a choice of 10mm or 12mm diameter to create a versatile vibrant system.

 Weight: 100g  Length: 33cm Clip: 6 pcs